After trying to get this started for the past couple years, a Jazz band is now planned for the 2020-2021 school year.

We're working together with Mid Metro Academy to host our Jazz Band there.

Registration should be open sometime this week.

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As we look to start a new school year, the question that everyone is asking 'Can you really DO performing arts with COIVD going on?'
The question is not CAN you do performing arts but HOW CAN you do performing arts.

Last week I had the fun to participate in our home school band's annual end-of-year picnic.

Each year this almost-day-long event gives the band members the opportunity see each other for one last extended time before everyone turns off their musical pursuits for 3 months of summer. It gives the band parents one last chance to chat with other band parents about what worked for their schooling this year and what they are planning for next school year. It also gets us finally outside of the building for a nice dose of fresh air.

This year I had several discussions with other parents (and directors) about the benefits of not taking the summer off - musically.

If you have a child considering a career in music you really need to read (and have them read) this article:

You Need These 6 Qualities To Be A Successful Musician

Making money playing music is not as easy as just practicing a lot!

BTW ... be sure to check out the 'practicing' chart in the story!

It was time to upgrade the web site, so we did a bit of house-cleaning and re-design.

We're still working on some of the finishing touches, but we've decided to make it available to everyone to review.

We're still working to facilitate great performing arts opportunities for home school students throughout the Twin Cities.