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Performing Arts and COVID-19

As we look to start a new school year, the question that everyone is asking 'Can you really DO performing arts with COIVD going on?'
The question is not CAN you do performing arts but HOW CAN you do performing arts.

We have a responsibility to both protect individuals (students, instructors, performance audience, etc.); however, that doesn't mean just acting in fear and shutting everything down.

The good news is that there have been (and still are) a number of studies done that have looked into exactly what physically happens when you sing or play instruments. We are following guidelines from several different agencies, including a very thorough one by the National Federation of State High School Associations, specifically related to COVID-19. By following their guidelines, along with basic CDC standard guidelines, we should be able to continue offering group ensembles this year, although there will be some group layout adjustments to meet the guidelines.

Specific details will be provided for each group in the sign-up page as well as in the course syllabus.