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I have Concerns

I have Concerns

Being part of a performing arts program is a lot different than signing up for a math or writting class.

Here we'll provide some help and tips to address any concerns you might have about joining band or choir.

Yes. It is.

When your student joins the band in 4th or 5th grade, they might be in the band or choir program for 9 YEARS! And they might be playing that instrument or sinigng in choir for 30-40 years in the future. This isn't like signing up for a Math or Writting course. You are beginning a process that could change their entire lives. It could become part of their career or just something that is part of their life enjoyment.

That doesn't mean that when you sign them up this year that they MUST be in band or choir for the next 9 years - we know that scheudles (esp. home-school schedules) change from year to year; however, we have found that many home-school students, esp. those not involved in other 'organized sports' decide that they want to have this stable, on-going activity and group of friends to be part of their home-school life.

When you join the band or choir you don't just become a member of the band/choir 'class', you become a member of the band or choir family. Band and choir families do things together, give each other rides to events, students get together with their sections and other sub-groups from their band or choir. And often the band or choir 'family' will help other members of the family through good and tough times.

Joining the band or choir is a significant and possibly scarry new commitment - but as many other band and choir families will tell you - it's definitely worth jumping in.


If you have any questions or concerns about the commitment required - for students or parents, please use the Contact Us link above to let us know and we'll try to answer your questions/concerns.

Short answer - maybe.

Long answer

Beginnng Band students

Many new band students will get discourage on the instrument they start with. That doesn't mean it's time to switch instruments. It usually means that it's time to ask for help to see what the problem is and see if we can resolve it. Sometimes there are physical issues with playing the instrument and a switch does make sense. However, usually we like to wait at least until the end of the semester. In every case we deal with these on an indivudal bases. If you got your instrument through one of our preferred local instrument stores they will usually switch you to the new instrument very easily with possibly only a slight change fee. If you didn't get the instrument through one of them, then you will have to navigate how to find a new instrument yourself.

Other band students

Just like with Beginning Band students, we may recomend an instrument switch if it will be a better fit for the student.

We also encourage all Symphonic band members to consider learning a 2nd instrument. Usually this will not replace the original instrument but add to the students abilities by adding a second learning path. There is no additional registration/fee for playing two instruments in the same group; however, if a students in Concert or Symphonic band wants to begin a second instrument through the Beginning Band program they would have to pay the related registration/fee to participate in that band as well as Concert or Symphonic. [From time to time we might offer 'scholarships' to cover the registration/fee cost to learn another instrument when the band program needs it.]

Choir students

Generally, any switching between groups can happen within the first 2 weeks or between semesters, with director approval.

To be honest, your son/daughter will probably NOT like the program all the time. And if it is new to them, there may be times of not liking it more than liking it, esp. at the start.

Performing arts groups like Band and Choir are not Extra-Curricular. These are academic classes with the same 'weight' in educational terms as any science or math class. Their brains will develop in different ways and that will take work.

We do our best to try to make each of the programs fun and challenging to each member of the group. And most students to stick through the program for the entire year find that they enjoy the program and establish relationships with others in their group and do want to continue. However, if you as a parent aren't commited to pushing through and helping them see the bigger picture and work to establish the connection to the program and the importance of developing the cognitive processes that only performance arts can provide, then it might not be the right program for your family.

If you're still not sure and want to talk about specific concerns related to your family and participating in the program, we are here and would love to connect with you about this. Just use the Contact Us link above to start the conversation.