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Where do I Start?

Where do I Start?

There are so many details related to joining the band or choir.
Here will help you figure out what you need to do to get started.

We encourage you to be registered by August 1 at the latest, that's when we will be sending out our final 'get ready for band' instructions - so that during the month of August you can make sure you are fully ready for the new fall program.

Beginning Band

Please be aware that the Beginning Band includes an 'intensive'/kick-start program that happens in August. This program provides all the basic instrument instruction to ensure each band members gets started in the right direction on their instrument. We will have instrument specialist there (i.e. private instructors who specialize in your student's instrument type). This is part of the Beginning Band program and will NOT be repeated once the fall semester starts.

We will send out the dates for this program in June. If you register for Beginning Band before then or sign-up for our emails here, we sill send you all the details and what you need to do before August.

To register for any of our programs for this coming year, just go to and follow the instructions there for creating a family account and registering your students.

NOTE: Mid Metro Academy has many other courses available on Mondays (when band & choir meet) as well as for PSEO (on Tuesdays) and other classes on Wednesday. We highly recommend that you consider registering for other classes that your child/ren might need (esp. if your family might be there for more than one band/choir group on Mondays).

For instrumental programs ...

If your child has NO band experience you should sign-up for Beginning Band.

If your child already has specific experience that meets the prerequsites for one or more of the other groups, you can sign them up for the appropriate groups.

If you're anywhere in the middle, or not sure, please contact us using the contact us form above and we'll help you determine the best band for your student/s.

For choir programs ...

Presently we only have one choir program - Man Choir. If you have a son in 8th-12th grade, that's the group to sign them up.