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What is required?

What is required?

What is expected of students and parents if we are part of the program?

Our Performing Arts Handbook provides more details on this topic, but here are the basics:

  • Be supportive of your student's musical efforts (encourage them to practice, provide the tools/supplies that they need)
  • Be at performances
  • Volunteer as rehearsal monitor
  • Volunteer at special rehearsals, pep band events, performances
  • Help promote the program to other home school families

Our Performing Arts Handbook goes into more details about what is expected of students, but here is a quick list of the basics.

  • Practice regularly - at least 3/hours/week for each hour of rehearsal
  • Be present - at rehearsals (at least 80%) and ALL performances
  • Be polite - treat others in band/choir (and leaders) appropriately
  • Keep Learning - all band and choir students are expected to keep learning their 'instrument' through private lessons or self study (using online resources and other opportunities to learn outside the band rehearsal)

There are no pre-requisites for being in our beginning band program or any of our primary choir programs.

Concert Band

This group requires one year of Beginning Band*

Symphonic Band

This group requires 2 years experience in Concert Band*

Jazz Band

This group requires at least 1 year experience in Symphonic band, concurrent participationg in Symphonic Band, and director approval (audition).

Pep Band

This group is open to any current member of the Concert or Symphonic Band.

Man Choir

This group is open to all male students 8th-12th grade.

With the exception of Man Choir (open to 8-12th grade males), all other programs are open to 5th-12th grade.