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Twin Cities Home School Performing Arts

Join our Jazz Ensemble for Fall 2021

We're partnering with Mid-Metro Academy to bring you an expanded Jazz Ensemeble this fall.

If you are in high school and play any standard Jazz Band instrument (Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, Guitar, Bass, Drumset, Piano/Keyboard) at a high-school level (Grade 2 or better), then you can join this great (and fun) new group.

Here is a quick promo that we created for our first season in 2020-2021.

Details about the band

  • Who: High School (and Grade 7-8) who can play at least Grade 2 on a traditional Jazz Band instrument:
    • Trumpet
    • Trombone
    • Low Brass (tuba, sousaphone)
    • Saxophone (Bari, Tenor, Alto, Soprano)
    • Guitar (accoustic or electric, ideally both)
    • Bass (upright or electric)
    • Drumset
    • Piano/Keyboard
  • What:
    • Small Traditional Jazz ensemble (5-20 members)
    • Limited openings per part (varies by instrument)
    • Focus on performance (group will perform multiple times starting in December and run through spring)
    • This is not an 'instrument instruction' course - we will not spend time working on fingering, basic playing technique, etc.
      Students who are not at a level 4 concert band playing ability should be continuing with lessons and/or concert band participation
  • Where: Mid Metro Academy, St. Mark’s School, 1983 Dayton Ave., St. Paul, MN
  • When: Wednesdays, 2:00 -= 3:30 (starting September 9; this is a full-year course)
  • How Much:
    • Tuition: $220/yr (with semester payment options)
    • Other costs - student is responsible for:
      • Instrument
        • Piano/Keyboard - Piano provided during rehearsals, might need keyboard for performances
        • Drum set - need to provide drum set
      •  Instrument Supplies
        • Brass - oils, etc.
        • Saxophone - reeds, etc.)
      • Performance clothing (black dress shirt, black dress pants, black shoes & socks)
      • Music Stand (must have a black, standard stand by first performance - can not use the 'wire' stands for performances)
    • NOTE: There is a family fee that Mid-Metro Academy charges to participate in the program, this is in addition to the Tuition cost.
  • Why: To help those who already have a good 'grasp' of their instrument and have been playing in concert bands for a while to expand and learn how to:
    • Play a new style of music
    • Learn to play together with a small ensemble
    • Learn how to play solos (both skill building and confidence building)
    • Learn to perform and take responsibility for 'entertaining' the audience (not just playing for parents who have to be at the concert)
    • Also learn aspects of music history hot usually taught in other band or instrumental settings
  • How:
    • Register at Mid-Metro Academy (see below)
    • Prepare and participate in an audition (either in-person or online) - auditions will be scheduled independently with each student to find a time and location that works best (in-person ideally, but online is an option).
      • Auditon will include:
        • One piece that the student knows (a solo/ensemble piece or concert band piece or similar that has previously been played)
        • Scales (you'll be asked to play a few different scales (2 octaves)
        • One short sight-reading piece
      • No accompaniment is required
      • The purpose is just to ensure that the student is playing at grade 2 level (so that the student isn't overwhelmed by the music level of the pieces we play) and to know better what we need to work on as a group.

What about COVID?

We will be reviewing and following best practices related to COVID and performing arts groups, including recently released guidelines based upon scientific studies of COVID and playing instruments that have been developed by the Natioinal Federation of State High School Associations.

Players will be responsible for personal/instrument 'covid-mitigation' supplies. We'll discuss these at rehearsals prior to playing.

We also generally have the windows open during all rehearsal just for air circulation (yes, even in winter - but we have to do that just to regulate the temperature in the rehearsal room)


This band is being offered in combination with Mid-Metro Academy, a Christian home school organization that is providing some very unique course options. This course is part of the STEAM programs. The director, Mr. Paschen is also leading several other bands on Monday as well as leading technology courses that meet on Wednesday. Mid-Metro also offers additional Career-Focused courses on Wednesday, academic courses on Mondays and a unique Cohort-based PSEO program on Tuesdays. We encourage you to consider all of the programs being offered.

How to Register

For more details and to register visit:

For any questions not answered here or on the Mid-Metro Academy site please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..